Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Waitrose robot.

We may have ten loyalty schemes running simultaneously and yet profit from them not at all. This is because a thousand points in each scheme is unlikely to amount to anything useful whereas the same number of points in a smaller number of schemes is likely to yield something useful.

This is not an absolute rule. We can keep a number of schemes on the back burner but not actively pursue them much. If the points fall into our lap, all well and good but we should not care very much about the matter.

Loyalty schemes may not involve points at all. One of my favourites is a supermarket that allows me to buy a sandwich for £1.10 and have a coffee as a free perk. This is in a street where a coffee alone can cost twice this. Every purchase, no matter how small gets the same perk. One man bought an individual mushroom for a penny but I think I would be embarrassed to do this.

The supermarket (Waitrose) is expensive but not overpriced when all things are considered. I will use it as my top up location and will buy cakes, newspapers and emergency items. There is always something it is possible to buy if one must.

Once we have decided a scheme is unlikely to work for us then we should utilise or transfer the points and leave it as a shell. Be brutal and back the winner!

N.B You may be confused that I did not mention Waitrose in my previous article. This is because I was discussing which schemes have worked for me in the past. Waitrose is part of the future.

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